The Pantaleone company is a small family-run organic reality, located 5 km from Ascoli Piceno, in Colonnata Alta; it extends for 50 hectares of which 19 are vineyards.

The choice of organic method has been felt since the beginning as the best way to preserve a natural balance of the territory and the surrounding environment, and thus obtain a wine with a territorial character in compliance with wine and consumer ethics.

The vineyards and the cellar are immersed in a valley at a height of about 450 meters and are arranged like a small amphitheater.

The types of grapes grown are: Pecorino, Passerina, Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Grenache.

At the foot of the valley runs a ditch called “Pantaleone”.

The name of the moat “Pantaleone” (from the Greek παν which means everything and λέων which means lion, strength) dates back to an ancient popular legend that the locals still tell today, according to which that land had a marked ability to give life to fruit , cereals, etc… full-bodied and structured.

panorama cantina Pantaleone